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Tuesday, 20 November 2012

SSD Charity Match (UOW) - 18 Dec

A friend of mine (thanks John) sent me an event notification the other day.  It related to a charity cricket match (Stumping Serious Diseases) at the University of Wollongong, featuring marquee players such as Adam Gilchrist, Robin Smith, Brian Lara and Sir Viv Richards.

After failing to talk my son into going with me, I decided to treat myself to a solitary VIP ticket, which on the website was said to offer up:
  • Entry to the exclusive VIP area
  • Opportunity to network with fellow VIPs, international players and celebrities
  • Complimentary food and beverage service
  • Complimentary Parking

This is how the day unfolded ....

Wollongong is a Coastal town south of Sydney.  From my place, it's roughly a 3.5 hour drive (each way).  Having never been to Wollongong myself and with a fear of getting lost or caught up in traffic, I decided to head out before dawn broke.  Sadly, this hour is notorious for wildlife moving about and unfortunately 30 minutes into my journey, a large Kangaroo decided to bound across the road in front of me, whilst I was driving at 100klms an hour.  Fortunately for it, I believe it was just a glancing blow and probably survivable, but the damage to my car was not a good omen for the day.

Anyhow, with the harm already done, there was nothing for it but to continue my trip and I arrived at UOW in plenty of time.  Having staked my claim to a VIP pass, I walked freely in and out of the "Gilly Marquee" and was looking forward to a day spent around cricketers.

What I didn't realise though was that these "exclusive" areas were to be manned by security personnel the moment any players of note turned up and my rather expensive VIP pass was not good enough to get me into the same areas I had been traipsing around in .... go figure!!  Darned nuisance that and an absolute waste of good money.  However, I made the best of this situation and still managed to talk my way into certain spots for brief moments of time.  Not exactly the type of day I was expecting, but I would definitely go back in future, albeit as a general admission entrant!

So, for the good stuff ... some pics of the event and some of the awesome autographs I managed to get, inspite of having no special access ...

Key Players: Scott Styris, Damien Martyn, Robin Smith, Tom Moody, Adam Gilchrist
Carl Hooper, Daryl Tuffey, Graeme Hick, Adam Hollioake, Brian Lara, Sir Viv Richards

Joel Garner and I - and I'm 6'10" tall ;-)
P.S. Just noticed the photo makes it look like I have a lazy eye.  Just a bad photo angle. 
My only handicap is general laziness, leading to a far too full belly :D

Saturday, 3 November 2012

Tour Match: AUS A vs SAF (2-4 Nov 2012)

Had an excellent day out at the cricket.  Enjoyed some great company (thank you Rob and the two Johns).  You can get the match details from cricinfo, so I'll stick to what I do best by simply displaying some of the autographs I was able to get.

Was quite fortunate to have landed so many (20 in total), as I had left the ground early.  However, I decided to return at the end of the match and essentially found myself at the right place at the right time!!  Here's some of the bounty ....

Stuart Law, Rod Marsh, Allan Donald, Phil Hughes, Gary Kirsten
Dale Steyn, Hasim Amla
Morne Morkel, Jacques Kallis