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Tuesday, 7 April 2009

PeopleSoft - Find Job Applicants

I have little exposure to the PeopleSoft Human Resources module, so I cannot be certain that this SQL would work globally.

Anyhow, to obtain information about job applicants, you could run SQL.

select a.job_req_nbr
     , a.posting_title
     , c.first_name || ' ' || c.last_name   
     , a.position_nbr
  from ps_job_requisition a
     , ps_posn_appliedfor b
     , ps_names c
 where a.job_req_nbr = b.job_req_nbr
   and b.applid = c.emplid
   -- use one or more of the following conditions
   and posting_title like ?
   and c.last_name like ?
   and a.job_req_nbr= ?
   and a.position_nbr= ?