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Wednesday, 31 December 2008

Excellent Find

I recently visited a large second-hand bookstore in Sydney. On my previous visit there, after hours of searching, I came across one cricket book which was signed by Mike Atherton. Hoping to repeat the experience, I walked in and wouldn't you know it, the first book I picked up turned out to be signed by Dennis Lillee and priced at a meagre $10.

Encouraged by my success, I went through a few more and within minutes found a real gem. A book signed by Garry Sobers, personalised to some guy but priced at only $15, it was an awesome find.

I did find one other book, signed by Kerry O'Keefe, but I decided to leave it as it was in average condition and on the other side of the signed page was a long and rather intimate note from the previous owner's girlfriend. Felt a bit creepy to buy something so personal.

Friday, 12 December 2008

Bradman Museum

Last week I had an opportunity to visit the Bradman Museum in Bowral.

The experience was not as fulfilling as I had hoped. The museum is quite small, as is the attached oval and the displays whilst nice are not particularly special. A number of items are quite commonly available modern pieces, which was especially disappointing.

To top things off, no photography is allowed in the museum, so what little there was to see could not be captured for future enjoyment.

Another issue to bear in mind is that if you happen to be travelling with family or friends who aren't interested in cricket, I'm afraid they will find little to captivate their attention in town, whilst you're in the museum.

To compare notes I'll need to revisit Bradman's birthplace in Cootamundra, but from memory, whilst the museum setup there is not as elegant as Bowral's, the pieces of memorabilia are certainly more fascinating.