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Friday, 15 August 2008

Oracle Append DateTime to spool file

How to append the date/time to an output spool file in SQLPLUS:

SQL>column dttm new_value v_dttm noprint;
The above construct is used to select a value into a user variable

SQL>select to_char(sysdate,'yyyymmddhh24miss') dttm from dual;
Here we see the user variable data being passed in, i.e. the date and time format. Note I have not used spaces, colons etc in between my date and time strings as sometimes these can lead to SP-0332 Spooling Errors.

SQL>spool filename_&v_dttm..log
Note the two fullstops (..) are deliberate


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Highly useful.

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Thanks for the valuable information. Especially for note (Note the two fullstops (..) are deliberate)

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Excellent, thanks a lot! Cedric

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